**Buy a copy of my children’s book The Davy Rule here: http://www.thedavyrule.com/products/hardcover book.

Find out more about Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod: http://www.frisbeerob.com.

I like to run really fast and catch discs.

I am the first dog to officially catch a disc over 400 feet and currently hold the Guinness World Record for Longest Flying Disc Throw Caught by a Dog with a catch of 134 yards (402 feet) on Sunday, October 14, 2012 in Thorhild, Alberta, Canada: http://youtu.be/aCeBkn7hjbM.

You can buy my Guinness World Record discs here http://www.davywhippet.com/discs.

I also set the WFDF/Guinness Canine MTA World Record on October 9, 2017 when Rob threw a disc and I caught it 10.59 seconds later.

I set the Quadruped World Record at the 2012 Denver Quad on August 5 with a catch of 116.5 yards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruc8Mf0bX20).

I am the 2013 Skyhoundz World Champion in Xtreme Distance, Classic Plastic. I’m also the 2012 Skyhoundz World Champion in Xtreme Distance in both Classic and Unlimited Plastic. I was also the 2011 Skyhoundz World Xtreme Distance Champion in the Men’s Classic division.

To contact me for media requests, please send an email to the guy who throws for me, Rob McLeod (Frisbee Rob) [email protected]. I am owned and trained by Lara Sorensen.

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  1. Good job davy and hey rob awesome throw btw can u send me a friend request on facebook my name is leanna Montreuil

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